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Been in a No Doubt kind of mood so I decided to get my copy of Tragic Kingdom. When my parents turned my bedroom into a guest room we packed all my stuff into these huge plastic storage boxes. I found my c.d. In the fifth box.
That's also where I found my copy of Memnoch the Devil and Hannibal. Took those too. Couldn't find my copy of Tale of the Body Thief for some reason. And I discovered that I now own two copies of The Vampire Armand. When on earth did I buy that first copy? Also found my silver Dracula cigarette case. My smoking will be so classy from now on.
Dru Innocent

Dear Anne Rice;

In the course of rereading the first trilogy of The Vampire Chronicles, I've decided to read some of your other vampire stories that I'd never read before. I know that you're busy writing about Jesus and not being a Christian, but I really felt like I had to get this off of my chest.
First I read Blood and Gold. Just so the viewers at home know, since I'm sure you're familiar with your own work, this is a book about Marius. Marius is the 2,000 year-old vampire who made Armand. I enjoyed it a lot, this character always interested me in the Lestat-centric books and was one of my faves so I was glad to see a whole book devoted to him. This book got me interested in Armand.
I never really cared for him in the other Vampire Chronicles. He was way too cold for me and didn't act like he had any feelings at all. But after Blood and Gold I picked up The Vampire Armand. (I skipped Tale of the Body Thief and Memnoch the Devil because they are my least favorites in the series. Is this when you started to get really religious? I think so. Sorry.)
Anyway, The Vampire Armand is fine and gives insight into a character whose motivations I always felt were difficult to understand. But, you added these two characters, children named Sybelle and Benji. Kind of, I think Sybelle is in her late teens. Dear lord, I hate them. These two characters are the literary equivalent of five cousin Olivers punching you in the groin. I kept reading onward, hoping that Armand would eat them. Or, knowing that Lestat was all crazed after retrieving Veronica's Veil from "heaven," maybe he could eat them. Barring that, one of the more badass vampires could eat them. Mael or Santino could be up to the challenge. Mekare might be up to it and I don't think that Pandora would mind eating them. Bring Akasha back! She would eat them in a heartbeat.
The worst part, though, was Marius turning them into vampires. Now they'll never die!
Please ensure that these characters are removed in all future editions of this otherwise fine book. I even know how to fix the plot hole removing them causes, since they help Armand convalesce after he tries to immolate himself. What could happen is a freak snow storm could occur and block out the sun, just like in that one episode of Buffy. And then Sarah Michelle Gellar could show up and tell Armand how much she loves him and everything would be ok. Until the next time Armand has sex and loses his soul, anyway.
Anyway, thank you for your time. I hope that you'll consider my ideas.
Dru Innocent

Unedited, Uncut

What I have so far for Nanowrimo. Behind a cut for length. The dates stuck in are for me, I like to keep track of when I start writing. They're not part of the story.
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I'm Not Sure What Kind of Night I Was Planning

Just got back from a weeklong visit home. Inevitably, I left with more than I brought so I was looking for a bag to carry some of my extra stuff in. I found a Hello Kitty bag in my closet and it had the oddest assortment of stuff. There was:
1 Pair of panties
More highlighters than one person could use
A copy of an application for an internship that I never got (In fact, I totally forgot that I applied for it)
3 papers that I wrote--one about The Handmaid's Tale, one about the rise of evangelical Christians into politics in the 1970's, and one about women in prison
A catalogue for Lord of the Rings memorabilia
A card from the Neopets card game
Drama Queen lip balm
The tassle from my cap from high school graduation
A note that one of my friends wrote to me. This is my favorite thing from the bag because it has a picture of a guy that looks like Happy Noodle Boy getting scratched in the face with a rake and it says "RAKES!" in big red letters
What the hell was I planning?!
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So I'm doing Nanowrimo this year. Don't ask me why. I'm not an actual writing person and lately, all it seems that I can write about is horror movies. Haven't written fiction since my Crime & Punishment in Fiction class.
Maybe there will be excerpts? I don't know.
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Writer's Block: The witching hour

Do you celebrate Halloween? What do you like most and least about this holiday?

Yes. It is the closest I get to religious. I buy marigolds or mums and light a candle to honor those I've lost.
I love the candy and the playful spirit. The Halloween Parade down 6th can also rock my face off, if I'm in the mood.
I hate how sexy costumes have replaced actually creative or clever costumes.
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Writer's Block: Time in a bottle

If you could eliminate all the calendars, clocks, and measurements of time, how would it change your life? How about the world?

Eliminating the thing that measures time wouldn't eliminate time itself so I don't see how my world would be much different. Fruit would still rot, people would still die, there'd still be a chronology. Time would still have a direction.
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Vampire Nerd Thoughts

Spoilers exist below.
So I've been rereading The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice. Ahh, that takes me back, they were such an essential part of my high school years. As sad as this sounds, I spent a lot of time wishing that Lestat and Louis were real and that they'd be in New Jersey for some reason and would make me a vampire. In fact, TVC were why I wouldn't be a Buffy fan for years. I liked that the evil of the vampires was very ambiguous and that they were beautiful (With the exception of Magnus.) So, to me, the idea of randomly staking them was 1. funny, because that really wouldn't do anything in the Anne Rice-verse and 2. cruel.
Anyway, I'm back! I'm a fan again. I just finished rereading Queen of the Damned. Sadly, my original copies are packed up in my mom's basement and the only mass paperback I could find had a still from that abortion of a movie that they made. I hate Aaliyah as Akasha and that they made Marius be the sire of Lestat. It's nice rereading them because I'm rediscovering characters that I'd never really thought about before. I was always very Louis and Lestat-centric but now I'm enjoying Marius and even Armand.
I will not be rereading Tale of the Body Thief. I hate that book with a passion. It's after Queen of the Damned. Lestat drank a lot of blood from Akasha and is basically as powerful--possibly even more so--than the vampires made in the first brood, 6,000 years ago. So he does the logical thing, which is switch bodies with a creepy man who says he has that power. My body is like a slingshot or a small cudgel. Lestat's body is like a hydrogen bomb. So he's totally shocked when the guy hijacks his body and doesn't return it. It was 500 pages of pain watching everyone tell him it was stupid. Instead, I will skip ahead to Blood and Gold and The Vampire Armand.
I did read this hilarious fact about Armand, when I was reading Wikipedia to answer some questions. Waaaaay back in Interview with the Vampire, you will remember that Claudia is condemned to be burnt in the sun for killing Lestat and Louis is to be locked in a coffin. Armand is pretty indifferent to the coven's decision and plans to rescue Louis anyway. So Claudia begs him to give her a woman's body, because she's trapped in the body of a five-year-old, without regard to how dangerous it will be. Armand chops the head off of one of the women coven members and then chops the head off of Claudia and tries to stick it on the woman's body but, alas, this didn't work. I think that this is a good thing because then she'd have a five-year-old's head on a grown woman's body and that would be creepy. Maybe if he stuck a broomstick in her neck or something it would have worked. Or used some gaffer's tape. I mentioned this to my roommate and we were thinking of all the ways to make Claudia's head stick on. Like Ramona Quimby, I believe that scotch tape can solve most problems so that was my solution. Scotch tape and E6000.
This amused her so I told her about how in Tale of the Body Thief that Lestat kind of accidentally rapes a waitress. I say kind of accidentally because Anne Rice's vampires can't really have sex--I guess their world is one of eternal dry humping and getting to third base. So when Lestat switches bodies with a human he ends up having sex with this woman and doesn't stop when she says "no." You kind of feel bad for him because it's been 200 years since he had sex and I'm not even sure if he had sex with a woman as a mortal since he was pretty gay or at least bi, and he'd just really forgotten what sex was like. The woman he raped was upset that he didn't use a condom and if I recall correctly, Lestat was all "What's a condom?" I could be remembering it wrong, though. I did everything in my power to block out that book. It didn't make sense to me, though, since condom's existed in the 18th century. They were just very expensive. And reusable. When I said this, my roommate added that they were also made of wood like George Washington's teeth. We're funny.
I would suggest that Lestat watch the "Condoms, Rose! Condoms, condoms condoms!" episode of The Golden Girls to learn more about condoms.