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I'm Not Sure What Kind of Night I Was Planning [Nov. 6th, 2010|06:43 pm]
Just got back from a weeklong visit home. Inevitably, I left with more than I brought so I was looking for a bag to carry some of my extra stuff in. I found a Hello Kitty bag in my closet and it had the oddest assortment of stuff. There was:
1 Pair of panties
More highlighters than one person could use
A copy of an application for an internship that I never got (In fact, I totally forgot that I applied for it)
3 papers that I wrote--one about The Handmaid's Tale, one about the rise of evangelical Christians into politics in the 1970's, and one about women in prison
A catalogue for Lord of the Rings memorabilia
A card from the Neopets card game
Drama Queen lip balm
The tassle from my cap from high school graduation
A note that one of my friends wrote to me. This is my favorite thing from the bag because it has a picture of a guy that looks like Happy Noodle Boy getting scratched in the face with a rake and it says "RAKES!" in big red letters
What the hell was I planning?!